Number Clips


Plain silver clips for holding competition numbers.  We stock two shapes; round and oblong.

We do not sell “blinged” clips, but we’ve included some photos for inspiration (details on stone size below).  These are easy to spruce up with left-over stones from your costume.  They can also be painted with enamel paint or nail polish if a different color is desired.

We recommend attaching to the dress or costume one of two methods:
1.  Loop a strip of fabric through the top and sandwich the ends in the waist seam of a dress (or the pocket of a vest or waistcoat.
2.  Whip-stitch the top loop to the costume by hand with heavy-duty thread.

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Stoning suggestions from photos:

A – (1) ss48 and (7) ss30 Flatbacks
B1 – (1) 16mm Rivoli and several ss12 Flatbacks
B2 – (1) 14mm Rivoli and several ss16 Flatbacks (not pictured, but similar to B1)
C – (14) ss20 Flatbacks
D – (1) 16mm Square and (12) ss12-16 Flatbacks (shown with 12’s)
E – (7) ss30 Flatbacks and [optional:] (6) ss12-16 Flatbacks

F – (1) 14x20mm Rectangle (sometimes called Emerald Cut)
G – (1) 17x24mm Oval
H – (5) ss30 Flatbacks
J – (1) 17x28mm Pear/Drop
K – (13) ss20 Flatbacks

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How Much Do I Need?

Our 4th Ed. Solo Dress Pattern uses 3/8 – 1/2 yard for the skirt frame, depending on the size.  If you plan to use this product as the base layer for your skirt panels, you will need an additional 1 – 1 1/2 yds for Girls sizes or 1 1/4 – 2 yds for Ladies sizes.  Our older editions require a similar amount, but may differ slightly.

Some of our Soft Capes require a small amount, 1/4 yd or less.

1/4 yard should be sufficient for tiaras and other headpieces, such as for the embroidery files we offer.


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