Vilene Dress Stiffener


S80 Vilene is a firm non-fusible interfacing.  It is ideal for use in Irish dance dresses to keep the shape of the skirt by means of the “under-skirt” frame or by stiffened skirt panels.  S80 Vilene is denser and therefore less thick than most similar products.  This means it gives the necessary support, but creates less bulk at the dropped-waist seam.  This product is not widely sold in the US, so we are happy to be able to make it available to our customers.

See below for purchasing instructions and pattern requirements.


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35.4 inches (90 cm) wide

*QUANTITY* Orders will be shipped as a single length.  If you purchase “1 yard” and also “0.25 yard”, you will receive one piece that is 1.25 yards long.

*SHIPPING*  We ship this product folded.  The folds are easily steamed out and we have not found it to affect the use in dance dresses.  However, we are happy to ship it rolled for an additional cost.  To request a rolled shipment, add your desired amount to your cart from the drop-down menu.  Then add “Ship Product Rolled” to your cart, also from the drop-down menu.  UNFORTUNATELY, WE CAN ONLY OFFER ROLLED SHIPPING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

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Pattern Requirements

Below is a guide showing how much stiffener is needed for the 7 skirt styles in our Solo Dress pattern.  Please be aware that all bodies are different.  Some dancers may need a second layer to make the front sit flat, whereas others are fine with the recommended one layer.  The pattern instructions go into more depth about this.  We mention it here only to suggest that you purchase a bit extra to be safe.

These numbers do not include yardage for capes.

Skirt Styles:Stiffener used for:Girls Sizes 5-8Girls Sizes 10-16Ladies Sizes 6-12Ladies Sizes 14-20 
Skirts I, II, III, IV - soft, gathered or pleatedUnder-skirt frame only1/4 yd1/3 yd1/3 yd1/2 yd
Skirt V - 3-panel with stiff frontFront panels and back under-skirt frame1/2 yd1 1/8 yds 1 1/8 yds1 1/8 yds
Skirt VI - Single-panel, stiff in front, soft in backFront panel and back under-skirt frame1/2 yd5/8 yd5/8 yd5/8 yd
Skirt VII - Soft single panelUnder-skirt frame only1/4 yd1/3 yd1/3 yd1/2 yd


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