See what our customers have done with our Gúna Rince Solo Dress pattern, and show us what you’ve done by sending photos of your finished garments.

“I have made seven dresses from the Gúna Rince pattern.  I needed a pattern that was easy enough for a beginner but good enough to compete with the big, more well-known dressmakers for both style options and a modern fit. This pattern does exactly that.  It is versatile and easy to use with many style options to give the user their choice for their dream dress.  The customer service has always been quick and thorough. I have noticed over the years that Guna Rince works constantly to keep the patterns modern and up to date with the current trends. Without these patterns I couldn’t have done this on my own. I love making these dresses and GR has come through for me.”
Stephanie Moore, United States

“I’m so pleased I bought your pattern. It was so easy to follow and to modify it to make it truly special. When she walked out on stage for the first time in December she looked AMAZING! I had other mom’s asking me what “designer” had made it. They were shocked to learn it was me!. Even though I had made other pretty dance dresses for my daughter, none were as correctly fitted and as perfect as this one using your pattern. My daughter is so very happy and I couldn’t have done it without your pattern and years of experience behind it. […] I want others to know how easy and so satisfying it was to complete this dress using your patterns.”
-Vivian Harvey, United States

“Thank you for your customer support and a great pattern.”
Catherine Barolo, United States

“Thank you for making the pattern available. I could have never afforded to buy a nice-looking solo dress and I’m so proud of what i have achieved.”
Marjolin Walsh, United Kingdom

“This was my first attempt at an Irish Dance dress, and I dare say it turned out well. She loves it, too! Thank you for such a great pattern!”
-Jen Muller, United States

“Thank you so much for the pattern! My daughter really wanted an ombre dress and the only way she was going to get one – was by sewing her one. We had a lot of fun making this dress, from dying the fabric, to adding all the crystals.”
-Heather O’Malley, United States

“I just received my pattern in the post this morning. So excited. Can’t wait to get started.  A complete demystification of the process that I have spent the last 3 years painstakingly figuring out.”
Patricia Christie, Ireland

“Here is a dress I made for my daughter using your amazing pattern! It was a perfect guide that allowed me to enjoy the easy construction so I could focus on the fun of designing the blingy bits. Thanks!”
-Dara Robertson, United States