Custom Solo Costumes

Custom solo costumes are designed specifically for you and built to your measurements.  With a background in theatrical costuming, we specialize in fitting adult and curvy figures but welcome dancers of all ages and sizes! You are welcome to be involved in the design process as much or little as you like.  Whether it be a cutting-edge modern design, full traditional knotwork, or something a little different, we strive to create a garment that is uniquely you. Most information here is related to dresses, but we are happy to build vests, jackets, bodice&trouser costumes, and more for dancers of all genders!

Most dresses start at $1000, but costume prices can vary greatly from a very basic design for a small dancer to all-over complex embroidery for a teen or adult. We offer rhinestoning service at several price points for costumes we build, as well as free color advice for those wishing to embellish at home.  

We have been creating custom Irish dancewear since 2014, formerly under the name Guna Rince.

Our books are currently full for 2024; we may open them towards the end of the year depending on availability.

We do not take orders for team or school costumes.