Bust Cup Adjustments PDF (Add-On)


Bust cup adjustments for our 4th Ed. Solo Dress Pattern.  These pieces work with the Standard and Princess bodice included in the main pattern to provide a more tailored fit.  An add-on for our popular sewing pattern; the full pattern can be found here.

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What is a pattern add-on?
A ‘pattern add-on’ is an extra feature that is not included in the Solo Dress Pattern.  Our Bust Cup Adjustments add-on is compatible with 4th Edition patterns only.  Add-ons are not included in the Solo Dress Pattern.

Bust Cup Adjustments
Cup adjustments help provide a more personalized fit for dancers with a developed or developing bust.  This add-on offers A-, C-, and D-cup adjustments for our Solo Dress Pattern (Ladies sizes).  Both the Standard Bodice and Princess Bodice are included.

Pattern cup sizes are typically different from bra cup sizes.  Check out our blog post on the topic to read more about patterning bust cups, or check our Sizing to determine the best cup size for you.

Waist and Abdomen circumference measurements are the same as the original pattern.  Some cup sizes differ slightly in length (0.5 inch or less)

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PDF Formats
This pattern includes two digital formats:
– A4 or Letter-sized grid, for printing at home (13-16 pages for one cup size, or 34-42 for all cup sizes)
– A0 size for printing at a copyshop

The pattern PDFs for this product are also layered, so you can print only the sizes you want.  Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is required to access this feature.

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Additional information

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Fabric Requirements

A-Cup: Same as the original pattern.

C-Cup: Add ⅛ yd (0.2 m) to original Standard or Princess Bodice

D-Cup: Add ¼ yd (0.3 m) to original Standard or Princess Bodice