Embroidery Bodice PDF (Add-On)


An alternative bodice with strategic dart placement ideal for all-over embroidery.  An add-on for our popular sewing pattern; the full pattern can be found here.

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$5.00 for one add-on
$9.00 for two add-ons
$12.00 for three add-ons
$3.75 each for four or more

Note: Ladies sizes are for an A-cup draft only.  Our regular pattern is drafted for a B-cup with an adjustment add-on for A, C, and D.  See fit details below.


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What is a pattern add-on?
A ‘pattern add-on’ is an extra feature that is not included in the Solo Dress Pattern.  The Embroidery Bodice is compatible with 4th Edition patterns only (contact us for older versions).  Add-ons are not included in the Solo Dress Pattern.

The Embroidery Bodice
With the increasing popularity of all-over embroidery, bodice darts can become a hinderance when they cut through beautiful designs.  Many dressmakers are turning to this style of shaping, which moves darts to more discrete locations while maintaining a fitted shape.

Front darts are horizontal instead of vertical, traveling slightly upwards into the lower armhole (only 3-5″ in length).  Back darts have been moved slightly to the side, away from the center-back.  Pattern includes two pattern pieces and instructions.

The embroidery bodice has the same width measurements (bust waist, etc) as the standard bodice.  Compared to the standard bodice, it has a slightly more upright/chest-forward posture.  Bodice and dress lengths differ slightly from original pattern (1″ or less).  We have chosen to offer it only in Girls sizes as well as Ladies A-cup.  Due to the unique dart position, this bodice does not provide good fit for bustier figures.  For Ladies sizes, see the A-cup measurements in our Sizing Chart.

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PDF Formats
This pattern includes two digital formats:
– A4 or Letter-sized grid, for printing at home (10-15 pages)
– A0 size for printing at a copyshop

The pattern PDFs for this product are also layered, so you can print only the sizes you want.  Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is required to access this feature.

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