Resources for Video Masterclass

Note:  Most of these retailers are US-based.  We are happy to take suggestions for international shops, and will add to this list over time.  We have no formal relationship with any retailers; these are not paid promotions.

Earnest Threads Pattern Links
Solo Dress Pattern, 4th Ed.
Solo Dress Design Template (free download)

Graphics Software
Inkscape (free/open-source)  
Affinity ($)  
Adobe Illustrator ($-$$$)
Corel Draw ($$$)

Embroidery Digitizing Software
Ink-stitch (free/open-source, used with Inkscape)
Embrilliance Stitch Artist ($-$$)
Embird ($-$$)
Bernina ($$$)

Vilene Dress Stiffener
Buy S80 Vilene
Interfacing Brand Comparison Chart

A Few Online Fabric Retailers
Mood Fabrics
Fabric Wholesale Direct
Harts Fabric
Fashion Fabrics Club
Whaleys Bradford (UK)
Empress Mills (UK)

Zippers and Other Notions

Rhinestone Retailers
Rhinestone Guy (Good prices and wide selection)
Rhinestone Biz (Most flexibility for small quantities)
Rhinestones Unlimited (Great prices for businesses who can access their wholesale pricing)
Dreamtime Creations (Wide selection, pricier but frequent sales)

Measurement Help
Inches to Centimeters Conversion Chart