How to Draft a Sloper


PDF Tutorial for drafting a bodice, sleeve, and skirt block to custom measurements.

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Use this 36-page PDF to draft a sloper pattern from your own measurements.

A sloper pattern (also called a block), is a two-dimensional representation of your body, like a second skin.  Drafted without fullness or design elements, the sloper is the basis from which all styles of garments can be drafted.  If you are looking to learn flat-patterning techniques, creating a sloper is the first step. Use your bodice sloper to draft tops and blouses, your skirt sloper for skirts, or combine them to create dress patterns.

Sloper patterns are also a fantastic resource for creating a more personalized fit in commercial sewing patterns. Comparing your sloper to other fitted patterns helps to see what adjustments may need to be made. Pivot the darts to match the style of the commercial pattern, and you will see where it may be too long in one place, or too narrow in another.

This written tutorial walks you through drafting a bodice, sleeve, and skirt.  While the bodice front is designed for figures with a developed bust, it includes notes on drafting for all bodies.

We suggest purchasing our guide “Pattern Alterations for Better Fit”, which provides the tools to recognize poor fit, correct fit on a mock-up, and transfer the corrections to pattern pieces.


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