How to Draft a Custom Sloper


PDF Tutorial for drafting a bodice, sleeve, and skirt block to custom measurements.

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Use this 30-page PDF to draft a sloper pattern off your measurements.  A sloper pattern (also called a block), is a basic fitted shape, from which all styles of garments can be drafted.  This written tutorial walks you through drafting a bodice, sleeve, and skirt block.

It is designed for teen/adult women, but can also be modified for men, children, and anyone else.

The drafted ease is 2 inches at Bust, 1/2 inch at waist, and 2 inches at hips.


In the future, I plan to make this more robust and include a section on adjusting the fit once you have made a mock-up of your sloper.  That is not currently part of the download.

With the current COVID-19 climate, I wanted to make this available now for anyone looking for something new to try while stuck at home.  This download is free through the end of March.

To get information on adjusting the fit, check out one of our old blog posts, or visit one of the many literary or online resources for patterning, such as the Curvy Sewing Collective or my favorite book.


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