Custom-Fit Dress Patterns

We offer custom-fit patterning for our Solo Dress Pattern and accompanying add-ons.  Submit measurements to us, and we will create a pattern tailored to your dancer’s size and shape.  We recommend this service for:

–Dancers who are tricky to fit, especially busty, or fall outside our size range
–Trans/non-binary dancers who may feel that the standard pattern does not provide a great fit for them, or who would prefer a different style
–Dressmakers who would like additional skirt or bodice styles to use with our standard pattern


We have both a PDF guide and a video to help you take measurements.  They are meant to be used together so please use both!

Click here to download our Measurement Guide.

Click here to view our accompanying Measurements Video.

Click here to submit a request.


We do our best to accommodate all interested parties, and our current turn-around is 7-10 days from receiving your order and payment.  If we are unable to complete your pattern in that time, we will contact you to reschedule.


The default format for these patterns is digital PDFs in Letter/A4 grid. If you prefer, we can send them in A0/Copyshop size instead (or any custom size for other large-scale printing). We recommend PDF Plotting if you need an online printshop for A0 sheets.

What’s included?
Our Custom-Fit Pattern starts at $75 base and comes with the Standard Bodice, Single-Panel Skirt, and either the Standard or Slim Sleeve. Additional features price individually, so you only pay for the ones you’ll use. More information on these features is available on the Solo Dress product page, or the product pages of the individual add-ons.

Most of our customers are looking for a full pattern (described above), but we are also happy to draft additional skirt, bodice, etc. styles based on original pattern sizes.

While we strive to give you the best fit possible, patterning is not an exact science, and we are dependent on the measurements you send us.  We still recommend sewing a mock-up to check the fit before constructing your real dress, as small adjustments may still be necessary. We also offer secondary adjustments for a small fee.

Base Pattern – $75
-Standard bodice
-Your choice of sleeve – Standard or Slim Sleeve
-Single-panel skirt
-Under-skirt frame
-Full instructions

Bodices +$10 each
-Princess Seam Bodice
Embroidery Bodice (Add-on) (this can only be drafted for kids and flat-chested teens/adults)

Skirts +$10-15 each
-Single-panel with small tucks (View II in pattern)
-Full skirt, can be gathered or pleated (View III in pattern)
-Less full skirt, can be gathered or pleated (View IV in pattern)
-Three panel skirt (View V in pattern)

Other Features
-Pointed collar +$5
-Rounded collar +$5
Soft capes (Add-on) +$5
-Second sleeve style +$10

Skirts, bodices, or other features not included in our standard pattern – Prices will vary
Add JPGs for embroidery digitization software – $10 for base pattern, $1 for each additional feature

Secondary adjustments – $15-30


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