Introducing the 4th Edition Solo Dress Pattern!

We’re so excited to share this pattern with you.  With improved sizing and new features, we believe it’s our best yet!  Read more about it below, or click here to purchase.

4th Ed. in green. 3rd Ed. in purple.

Built on entirely new blocks, this pattern offers great fit while creating a garment that moves and sits well on the dancer.  New blocks don’t sound fancy or exciting, but we’re really pleased with the fit on these, and hope you will be too.  The shoulder, armhole, and chest fit better on most dancers, and new shaping in the back bodice gives improved fit to the lower-back and bum, lessening the need for ‘sway-back’ adjustments. This pattern also features a higher skirt angle than previous versions.

Our Ladies sizes have been greatly expanded (30-52 bust), and we’re especially excited to be offering bust-cup adjustments as an add-on for our Ladies sizes.  These options give the user much more customization when it comes to overall fit.  Check out our blog post on why Bust Cup Adjustments are so beneficial.  Girls sizes have stayed within the same general range, but with the addition of one smaller size for your tiniest dancers!  You can find our new size charts here.
This pattern offers all your favorite bodice and skirt styles from previous versions, with the addition of the Slim Sleeve (previously an add-on) and a new single-panel skirt with small tucks at the side-front and side-back. Our instructions are more comprehensive than ever, covering construction, embellishment, pattern modification, common fit issues, and more.
Video Masterclass
Sew along with Earnest Threads owner and dressmaker Mattie Ernst through each step of creating a solo dress; from the first design sketches to the final stitches!  Featuring 27 video sections (6 hours of content) that users can work through in their own time.
The class starts by talking about the shape and features of a solo dress, as well as some factors to consider when creating a design.  We discuss different types of fabric, options for embroidery or other embellishment, and look at the necessary notions and tools.  The rest will follow along with dressmaker Mattie as she builds a dress from start to finish; touching on all the features in the sewing pattern, as well as some extra tips and tricks.
We’ve wanted to create this for a long time, and we’re glad it could finally happen.  For the best experience we recommend purchasing the 4th Ed. pattern for use with this class, and offer a $5 discount when they’re purchased together.  Click here for more info.
PDF Patterns
New features for our digital patterns include Copyshop (A0) documents (no need to tape printer pages together) and Adobe Layers (so you can print off only the sizes you want)!  We’ve also re-formatted our Letter/A4 documents, making them easier than ever to assemble.
Three ‘add-on’ patterns are sold separately:
Bust-Cup Adjustments: A-, C-, and D-cup versions of our standard and princess-seam bodices.  These will give a more tailored fit for busty or flat-chested dancers.
The Embroidery Bodice: An alternative bodice with strategic dart placement ideal for all-over embroidery
The Soft Capes: Three soft, unstructured capes.
Upgrade Discount
We are happy to offer a 40% discount to customers who have bought a previous version of the pattern.  As always, the discount is for sizes you have previously purchased, so since our sizes have changed we’ve included a little key for “equivalent sizes”.  Please email us after ordering to let us know you are looking for the discount.
1ST-3RD ED.  = 4TH ED.
Girls 5-8         = Girls 4-14
Girls 10-16      = Girls 4-14
Ladies 6-12    = Ladies 0-12
Ladies 14-20 = Ladies 0-12 or 10-22 (either, not both)


  1. Lin says:

    Hello…I am not understanding. If I order girls size I have access to all the sizes? Are your patterns also available on pattern paper? …or only print at home? On the video…would I be able to watch indefinitely?…record?….I don’t understand…please advise, thanks! Lin

    • Earnest Threads says:

      Yes, we sell our sizes in groups, so Girls 4-14 gives you all 8 sizes. We sell the pattern both as a printed pattern (shipped to you), and as a PDF download (print at home) so customers can choose which they prefer. For our Video Masterclass, you can’t download the videos, but you get indefinite access to the content, so you can come back to them at any time in the future. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • Earnest Threads says:

      Hi Annette,

      Unfortunately no. We have a vest/waistcoat pattern in the works, but we don’t have a firm timeline for release.


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