Bust Cup Adjustments – JPGs for Digitization


JPG versions of our Bust Cup Adjustments Add-on.

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What is this product for?
For those who have purchased our Bust Cup Adjustments Add-on, we now offer JPG images of pattern pieces for use in creating designs in graphics and embroidery digitization software in conjunction with our classic sewing pattern.  Import the photo into your software, adjust to scale, then create your designs, knowing how they will fit onto your pattern pieces! Each photo includes written dimensions in inches and millimeters.

What doesn’t this product work for?
This product is not an acceptable substitute for the pattern itself and we do not recommend attempting to use these images without the sewing pattern.  Images are of a medium quality, to adhere to the limitations of many embroidery programs, so may be fuzzy when printing.  Not to mention that this product lacks instructions and all information that comes with the pattern.

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