Women’s Sizing

The sizing for our women’s fashion patterns is based on a B cup bust and an average height of 5’6″.

 Please note that B cup does not refer to bra size, but rather to the difference between the full bust and high chest measurement.  A 2-inch difference in these measurements is considered a “pattern B cup” (a difference of 1″=A cup, 3″=C cup, 4″=D cup, etc).  The point of this measurement is to ensure proper fit between both the bust and the shoulders/ frame. In contrast, bra sizes are based on an under-bust measurement, so its common for your pattern cup size to be different than your bra size.

To measure your Full Bust, wrap the tape measure around the largest part of your bust, level with the floor.  Don’t pull the tape measure too snugly, or you will underestimate the measurement.  To measure your High Chest, wrap the tape measure around your upper chest; under your arms but above the main part of the breast. Pull the tape measure snugly.  It may not be parallel with the floor.

All our women’s patterns come with adjustments for pattern cup sizes A, C, and D. Those with a DD pattern cup or above may need to do a Full Bust Adjustment.

Our patterns are sold in size groups 0-12 and 10-20.

High Chest28.53031.53334.536384042444648
Full Bust
(B cup)
Back Nape
to Waist
Full Bust
(A cup)
Full Bust
(C cup)
Full Bust
(D cup)