Slim Sleeve (Add-On) – 3rd Edition


An alternative sleeve with a slim fit.

This pattern is associated with our 3rd Edition solo dress.  It is not designed to work with the current edition due to a change in sizing.

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What is a pattern add-on?
A ‘pattern add-on’ is an extra feature that is not included in the Solo Dress Pattern.  The Slim Sleeve is compatible with 3rd Edition patterns only.  Add-ons are not included in the Solo Dress Pattern.

The Slim Sleeve
Narrow sleeves are becoming increasingly popular, but our standard sleeve is not ideal for this style.  This pattern modifies the armhole of the bodice, as well as providing a sleeve with no extra shoulder ‘poof’ that is fitted throughout the arm.  Two sleeves are included; a one-piece sleeve  with built-in gusset best for fabrics with a bit of stretch, and a sleeve with sew-in gusset which provides the most mobility for fabrics of all types.  The Slim Sleeve is compatible with all three of our bodice options.

The fit of this sleeve is fairly snug.  The sizing and general fit of the dress body is not affected, but the dress does go farther up into the armpit to allow for more arm mobility.


Additional information

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Girls 5-8, Girls 10-16, Ladies 6-12, Ladies 14-20